Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Olive skin is a relatively neutral type of complexion characterized by undertones of green or yellow. Stylists from Paul Mitchell are of the opinion that you may try out shades by placing them close to you face and checking if they are complimentary. Following tips enable you to choose the perfect hair color:

Skin tone
Most common skin types are warm, cool or neutral skin tones. However warrm olive skin tones have yellow undertones and are best complimented by warm or golden hair color. If you have a bluish undertone it means you have a cool olive skin while a blend of pink and yellow suggests that you have a neutral olive undertone. Neutral olive skin tones are easy as you can pair any hair color to it.

Choosing shades

If you wish to color your hair blonde irrespective of the tone of your olive skin, you need to make sure that it does not wash out. Warm toned olive skin look good with medium, golden shades of blonde.
Cool olive skin tones are flattered when you choose strawberry blonde whereas if you are endowed with a neutral olive tone, try beige blonde color.

This is the color that compliments all types of olive skin. Black to golden brown, you have a range that would suit your skin. This color family is optimal for this skin color.

This shade is bold and can be flattering on all tones of olive skin due to its innate warmth. Aspire towards the brighter, orange-copper red tones to complement warm olive skin.

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