How Do I Color My Black Hair Brown?

Light Brown Hair

Light Brown Hair

To change your hair color from black to brown you need to lighten your hair with chemical and there after color it two or three levels lighter. For coloring it brown you will first need to strip the black color and then color it brown. Schwarzkopf stylists however warn us that this process if damaging and must be done carefully. 

Experts insist that the first and foremost condition for this process is that the hair should be healthy. Any treatments done on hair like straightening etc must be done two weeks prior to this coloring. The impact of such coloring is quite damaging but can be reduced if you use moisture- rich shampoos and conditioners or oil-treatments. 

Make sure that you use the right shade of brown. The goal should be naturally brown looking hair.  If you bleach hair, the naturally black looking hair with have an orange pigment when lightened. If you prefer a warm brown color make sure you do the bleaching at home.

Make sure that you avoid using henna to lighten your hair. This is mainly because it can alter your hair to an unnatural color.

If you want a light brown hair color, it is always better to visit a professional salon rather than doing it by yourself.

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