How To Find Brown Color That Has No Auburn Tone?

Loreal Brown Hair Color

Loreal Brown Hair Color

Hair colors come in various tones like cool, warm and neutral. Each has its own base shade and hence finding the right color for you is cumbersome. Auburn is a reddish brown color that comes as a shade to your brown. The overall color of your hair depends on both the tone and base shade and choosing a right brown with the right tone and base shade is highly important. 

You need to take into account the following aspects to get the shade you want if you do not like the auburn tone. Professionals at L’Oreal Paris have come up with the following tips that can help you decide what is best for you.

Select an ash brown color similar to L’Oreal 5A or 6A. The color Ash has a green base to it that helps cancel out the red tones. Many products from other manufacturers do have this ash base.

Another option is for you to opt other hair colors that are not cool as ash like neutral or warm. A neutral base is denoted by “N”.

Final alternative is to pick a non-red color additive product. If the neutral brown that you have chosen still has an auburn tone, this additive will eliminate the red tones from coming through. Follow instructions on the package.

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