How To Highlight Your Hair With Two Or Three Colors?

Hair Highlights

Hair Highlights

Highlights make hair look gorgeous. While highlighting, remember to stay within three shades lighter than your original hair color. Highlighting with two or three colors always adds to the look suggest stylists from Paul Mitchell. Hence they recommend that you choose two or three colors to create the strongest look.


  • Select two or three colors you prefer to use for highlighting.
  • Make the mixture ready for application. For this you need to mix each dye as per the instructions on the package. Most of the highlighting kits mention the exact instructions for highlighting and instruct you to mix the color with the liquid gel and shake it.
  • Apply the mix one at a time alternating between colors. Start from scalp and go up to the ends of the strand. Make sure that you use all the colors and cover your head completely. Some kits come with a highlighting comb that makes it easier for such an application.
  • Allow the color to remain on your head for at least 15 minutes.
  • Wash hair with a shampoo and conditioner that comes along with the package.
  • Rinse out completely until water runs clear.

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