How Can I Reduce The Brightness Of My Red Hair Color?

Red Hair Color

Red Hair Color

Red color comes in various shades ranging from auburn to golden to red. Red is the color of passion and is preferred by people with a warm skin tone, say stylists at Paul Mitchell. To reduce the tone of red, you need to neutralize it. This is possible only if you use an ash tone hair color to get rid of the red tones. Both permanent and semi-permanent hair color have many shades of red.

Tips on how to get rid of this red look are as follows:

Things you need are:
• Ash color semi-permanent hair color
• Gloves
• Conditioner

1. Make sure that you select a semi-permanent hair color of the shade that is close to your natural hair color.
2. Select an ash color that can be darker or lighter to your natural hair color by one shade.
3. Mix all the ingredients as per the guidelines provided.
4. Apply color all over your hair. Make sure the hair is washed previously and begin coloring from the end to the roots.
5. Ensure all the strands are completely covered.
6. Allow a waiting period as prescribed in the instructions.
7. Rinse color with cool water until water runs clear. Apply a conditioner and let it remain for a few minutes prior to rinsing.
8. Rinse & finally towel dry your hair.

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