How To Choose The Right Color Streaks For Your Hair

“Dull hair can be made to look stunning,” say colorists from Wella.

Adding streaks will make your hair look radiant. Streaks can be added in varying widths. Bolder streaks are referred to as chunks while the thinner ones are referred to as highlights or lowlights.

Coloring at Hair Ends

Coloring at Hair Ends

Coloring at the ends of the hair is called tipping. 

Colorists provide the following tips to help you choose color that is right for you.
• Make sure you choose a color that is close you’re your natural color as it gives you a natural look.
• The next step is to access your skin tone. Determine if it is warm or cool. Place a shade card against your skin to arrive at the right conclusion.
• Access your personality. If you prefer a bold look or you like to have a punk look choose vibrant colors. For subtler look choose lighter and conservative colors.
• Make sure you are aware of the maintenance level required while choosing the color. Natural looking colors require low maintenance and will mask root growth. Boldly colored streaks will require frequent re-touches.
• If you are still not sure, make a visit to your stylist who will always be in a better position to help you choose a color apt for you.

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