What Are Lowlights? How Do They Differ From Highlights?

Most of us are familiar with highlights? What about lowlights?

Experts at Paul Mitchell have come up with an explanation. Lowlights is the process of coloring wherein you lighten your natural hair to a blond or light brown tone. This is usually done by stylists to add depth and dimension to your hair. Lowlights make your hairstyle interesting as vibrant colors added to your natural hair complement your skin tone making it look gorgeous. The basic rule for lowlights is that you should not opt for a color that is more than three shades darker than your natural hair color. 

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston









Lowlights vs Highlights 

Lowlights is when the stylist colors certain strands of hair darker than the base color whereas highlights are given when the strands are given a lighter shade compared to the base color. Highlights are generally added to the top layers of hair and around the face whereas Lowlights are woven into the sides, under layers and to the tips of the hair. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence are ambassadors of highlights and lowlights. Their hair is always full of highlights and lowlights. 

People with all hair types can opt for lowlights and highlights irrespective of their hair styles i.e. straight, curly or frizzy. On curls this technique adds depth and on straight hair it gives an illusion of more volume.

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