Look Younger With Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse Hair Color (3-0)

The hair colors do add to the overall persona of the person. It is commonly assumed that people use artificial coloration in their hair to camouflage grey hairs. This, however, is a misnomer in the sense that a majority of the users use this product to provide luminous shades to their hair which more or less is synchronized with their overall personal.

Schwarzkopf Expert Mousse 3-0

Schwarzkopf Expert Mousse 3-0

The Schwarzkopf Expert Mousse 3-0 is nothing but a semi-permanent hair color perfectionist which provides a rich set of blend to users to choose from. They have a rich set of 13 luminous no-commitment shades which has answers and ready made solutions to all the artistic and aesthetic needs of customers. In addition to the color shades which add on to the elegance of the hair, the conditioning provides efficient brilliance and shine to the hair as well.

The hair color provides 20 percent coverage to white or grey hair and lasts up to 8 washes. The refreshing and conditioning of normal color lasts up to 3 to 5 minutes, whereas the conditioning can go up to 15 to 20 minutes in case of extensive colorations.

Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0 – Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Coloration

Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0

Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0

There are times when users prefer permanent colors for their hair to any other non-permanent luminous shades. This preference is primarily driven by the fact that permanent colors look more natural & pure, and more often than not are carved and manufactured from natural products. The Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0 is one of the best in class permanent color available in the market. The color is ammonia free which negates any negative effects on the health of the hair. In addition to that, the product has been prepared using 100 percent natural ingredients which provide a real and natural look to the user, while maintaining the softness of the hair.

Apart from being ammonia free, this product is also devoid of any other artificial or harmful ingredients such as silicon, sulphates, mineral oil or any other artificial fragrances which tends to provide an artificial look to the hair. For best results, consumers are always recommended to use the Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0 along with the Schwarzkopf Essensity activating lotion which tends to soften up the hair and makes the hair look fresh and natural. Users are advised to rinse well post usage.

Is the Cream and Serum for Hair the Same Thing?

No! Hair cream and serum are certainly not the same thing. However, no perfect definition exists in the cosmetic world to highlight the major difference between the two. This is why many manufacturers come up with almost similar descriptions for both. However, a smart customer is always eager to find out the difference. 

Generally, creams are produced by blending water and oil and act as moisturizers for normal and dry hair. On the other hand, serums are newer and lighter than creams because of more water content. Hair serums are also less sticky than hair creams and are designed to keep your locks soft and smooth. They are a lot lighter due to which your locks do not weigh down, as it would be in the case of using a cream. 

Because a hair cream makes your hair oily, a serum is recommended by most customers for soothing the ends well as well as making the dry hair soft. However, for those who want instant hydration, a hair cream is the right choice. This is because a serum is usually for long-term usage. Well, even serums can make your manes appear oily due to which you should apply it sparingly.

How to Style Your Hair?

According to the creative director of Original & Mineral, Janelle Chaplin, styling your hair effectively happens in three different stages. She promotes this art as a step-by-step process that is quite simple to understand. She suggests this order to obtain a perfect blend by using the heavy, strong stuff in smallest possible amounts, at last while tapping portion sizes. 

As the first step, you need to hydrate your locks by applying a detangler or a leave-in conditioner directly out of the shower. The product should be such that it can retain the moisture inside. You can now dry the hair until 80% of the locks become dry. 

In the second step, it is time to use a foundation product a bit closer to the scalp. You are required to choose a suitable product such as volumizer or a mousse. The selection seriously depends upon what you need as the output, and not what others are showing off.  

In the last and third step, you can use a texturizing product, a hairspray, and any sheen-inducing serum applicable from the ends to the middle of the locks. Well, you are now ready to go!

What is the Best Way to Shampoo?

Have you been using only one shampoo that is made just for your kind of hair? Well, while most people will answer positively to this query, there is a twist introduced by an expert. According to the creative director of Original & Mineral, Janelle Chaplin, it is better to use two shampoos, as she does the same for her own hair. 

According to her, the first shampoo should be such that it exfoliates the scalp and discard all that is old but not gold. It really means to dig in deep with all possible herbals and other suitable scalp-friendly ingredients. Choosing one such a shampoo not only stimulates the scalp but also makes one feel quite surprising for such scalp care. 

Then, the second shampoo should be such that it is treats your hair type well, which can be processed, thin, curly, thick, or fine. Lastly, you should use a conditioner for moisturizing your locks, especially from the middle toward the ends. There is no need to apply it on your roots. 

It is also advisable to use a brush for even distribution of not only the shampoos but also of the conditioner, during the shower. If your hair is shorter or fine, consider applying a quarter-size of both hair products.

Different Hair Products: Which One to Choose?

Using several hair products simultaneously is not going to bring you the desired results, regardless of your hairstyle and color. In fact, this is a sign that you are selecting the wrong products. As a wise customer, you need to know your hair along with its attributes to find out what is needed and use one to two products accordingly. 

If you wish to hold on a style with shine or get rid of flyaways, a hairspray is what you need. As per the decided hold such as soft or strong, you can choose a modern hairspray that does not result in clogging or fuss. 

Similarly, if you need to add some height at the hair roots, a volumizer is required. It is available is different forms such as foams and sprays and are ideal for individuals with curly or straight hair falling flat. 

Have you stopped using a mousse because of that sticky or crunchy feel? Well, a modern formula does not come with those flaws and helps in obtaining volume, enhancing the natural texture, boosting braids and updos and keeping them in place without a hairspray, and make your locks frizz-free. 

Use pomade if you wish for a shiny look to a quiff or slick back style, while a wax is more essential to create different expression and textures to any hairstyle. 

Importance of Wella Color Charm Additives

Wella Color Charm Additives

Wella Color Charm Additives

Wella Color Charm Additives are ideal for giving even greater control of your final color result. The important Wella Color Charm Additives are Warming Gold Additives and Cooling Violet Additives.

The Warming Gold Additive can be added to any existing Wella Color Charm shade to put in more warmth to the final result. This will make available greater definition and vibrancy to red, gold and rich brown shades. If you want to use the Warming Gold Additive, add between 2-4 capfuls of Warming Gold Additive to a full mixture of Wella Color Charm. The more Warming Gold Additive you apply, the more distinct the effect will be on the final color result.

For reducing unwanted warm tones, the Cooling Violet Additive can be added to any existing Wella Color Charm shade. This is ideal if you would like to create a more matte type of result or if your hair has a high degree of natural warm tone (underlying pigment). For using the Cooling Additive, add between 2-4 capfuls of Cooling Violet Additive to a full mixture of Wella Color Charm. The more Cooling Violet Additive you use, the more prominent the effect will be on the final color result.

When working with darker shade selections, utilize more Cooling Violet Additive to accomplish more perceptible results. Lighter shade selections will normally have need of less Cooling Violet Additive to attain your most wanted result.

Choosing your Loreal Hair Color

Loreal Hair Color Chart

Loreal Hair Color Chart

At first determine your existing hair color. There are 10 levels of hair color and each of them is represented by a number from 1 to 10. 1 is the darkest and 10 is the lightest. Understanding this will help you decide your new hair color. The first number in a shade number on the front of the pack represents the level of that hair color. If you have colored hair, before the coloring process you may have to pre-lighten your hair. Slightly darken the hair color.

After this, find a shade that best suits your current hair color. If you have a doubt between two shades, pick the lightest. If your hair is lacking any coloring process, you can choose a shade that is lighter than your natural color.

Find a shade up to 2 shades darker than your current color. Also decide whether you need a natural shade or want to add some reflects. If you would like a very natural looking shade, choose a shade that is your desired level (1-10), that has a zero after the first number. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 90 are pure, natural shades. If you would like to add some reflects to your color then choose a shade that has a number other than zero after the first shade number: 41, 53, 56, 62 and 83.

The second number indicates a reflect that is added to the base color to put in shimmer and luster. You will be most suited to cool reflect tones if your skin has a pink undertone. Warm tones are best suited for people who tan easily. If your skin has a yellow undertone, you will be most suited to warm reflect tones.

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How to Mix Wella Color Charm Developers

Wella Color Charm Developer

Wella Color Charm Developer

 is a stabilized developer formulated for use with all permanent hair color.  It has two dedicated developers: Cream Developer and Clear Developer.

Cream Developer is ideal for bowl and brush or bottle application. It is available in 20 Vol and 40 Vol (32 oz and 4 oz bottles). Available in 20 Vol (32 oz bottle, Clear Developer is perfect for bottle application.

For the normal mixing of Wella color charm developers, first determine the preferred amount of product needed. Then choose the application method, whether it is applicator bottle or bowl and brush. The Mixing Ratio is 1:2. This means that blend 1 part Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair color to 2 parts Wella Color C harm Developer. For example, mix one whole bottle of Color Charm Liquid Hair color with 3 oz of Color Charm developer.

For getting 10 volume, mix equal parts 20 volume and distilled water. This will give same depth or darker than natural hair color. Deposit with minimal lift, depending on texture and porosity. Use 20 volume to get 2 levels of lift and optimum coverage on white hair. 40 volume gives 3-4 levels of lift and maximum lift for brighter and clearer blonde results.

Tip: Mix 1 oz Color Charm Permanent Haircolor + 2 oz Wella Color Charm Developer. Begin application immediately.

Wella Color Charm: How to Create Lustrous Reds, Warm Browns and Lively Blondes


Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm is a permanent, liquid hair-color providing vibrant and intense color with increased shine.

Lustrous Reds include two colors Dark cherry and Rose gold.

Dark cherry is a deep violet color with underlying red tones giving more vibrancy. It is ideal for clients with darker natural hair. It is also a great complement to cool skin tone. Its formula is 1 part 6R (Red Terra Cotta) + 2 parts 3RV (Black Cherry).

Rose gold is perfect for clients who want to be noticed with a vibrant copper red. It provides vibrant copper tone with strong golden undertones. It is formulated by mixing 1 part 9G (Soft Pure Gold Blonde) + 3 parts 8RG (Titian Red Blonde).

Warm Browns include two colors rich chestnut and coffee bean.

Rich chestnut color is great for clients who want a rich inviting brown with a hint of red. It helps to enhance your rich browns with just a hint of red. Its formulation is 3 parts 5WR (Allspice) + 1 part 5RG (Light Auburn).

Coffee bean color is a cool brown with just a hint of violet. It is Ideal for clients not wanting to see red tones within their brown hair color. It is formulated by mixing 1 part 5WV (Cinnamon) + 1 part 4A (Medium Ash Brown).

Lively Blondes include two colors molten gold and dusky blonde.

Molten gold color is great for Clients wanting to achieve a more personalized color that achieves interest. It is a soft strawberry blonde providing brightness with just a hint of red. Its formulation is 1 bottle 10GV (Honey Blonde) + half capful 7R (Red-Red).

Dusky blonde is a cool dusky blonde with violet undertones. It is best for clients wanting a very ashy blonde. Its formula is 1 bottle of 12A (Frosty Ash) + 1 capful of cool intensifier.