Choosing your Loreal Hair Color

Loreal Hair Color Chart

Loreal Hair Color Chart

At first determine your existing hair color. There are 10 levels of hair color and each of them is represented by a number from 1 to 10. 1 is the darkest and 10 is the lightest. Understanding this will help you decide your new hair color. The first number in a shade number on the front of the pack represents the level of that hair color. If you have colored hair, before the coloring process you may have to pre-lighten your hair. Slightly darken the hair color.

After this, find a shade that best suits your current hair color. If you have a doubt between two shades, pick the lightest. If your hair is lacking any coloring process, you can choose a shade that is lighter than your natural color.

Find a shade up to 2 shades darker than your current color. Also decide whether you need a natural shade or want to add some reflects. If you would like a very natural looking shade, choose a shade that is your desired level (1-10), that has a zero after the first number. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 90 are pure, natural shades. If you would like to add some reflects to your color then choose a shade that has a number other than zero after the first shade number: 41, 53, 56, 62 and 83.

The second number indicates a reflect that is added to the base color to put in shimmer and luster. You will be most suited to cool reflect tones if your skin has a pink undertone. Warm tones are best suited for people who tan easily. If your skin has a yellow undertone, you will be most suited to warm reflect tones.

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