Is the Cream and Serum for Hair the Same Thing?

No! Hair cream and serum are certainly not the same thing. However, no perfect definition exists in the cosmetic world to highlight the major difference between the two. This is why many manufacturers come up with almost similar descriptions for both. However, a smart customer is always eager to find out the difference. 

Generally, creams are produced by blending water and oil and act as moisturizers for normal and dry hair. On the other hand, serums are newer and lighter than creams because of more water content. Hair serums are also less sticky than hair creams and are designed to keep your locks soft and smooth. They are a lot lighter due to which your locks do not weigh down, as it would be in the case of using a cream. 

Because a hair cream makes your hair oily, a serum is recommended by most customers for soothing the ends well as well as making the dry hair soft. However, for those who want instant hydration, a hair cream is the right choice. This is because a serum is usually for long-term usage. Well, even serums can make your manes appear oily due to which you should apply it sparingly.

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