Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0 – Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Coloration

Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0

Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0

There are times when users prefer permanent colors for their hair to any other non-permanent luminous shades. This preference is primarily driven by the fact that permanent colors look more natural & pure, and more often than not are carved and manufactured from natural products. The Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0 is one of the best in class permanent color available in the market. The color is ammonia free which negates any negative effects on the health of the hair. In addition to that, the product has been prepared using 100 percent natural ingredients which provide a real and natural look to the user, while maintaining the softness of the hair.

Apart from being ammonia free, this product is also devoid of any other artificial or harmful ingredients such as silicon, sulphates, mineral oil or any other artificial fragrances which tends to provide an artificial look to the hair. For best results, consumers are always recommended to use the Schwarzkopf Essensity 1-0 along with the Schwarzkopf Essensity activating lotion which tends to soften up the hair and makes the hair look fresh and natural. Users are advised to rinse well post usage.

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