End Results of Loreal MAJIROUGE MIXER Red

Majirouge Mixer Red

Majirouge Mixer Red

For consumers who wishes to have a red tinge in their hair, Loreal Majirouge Mixer red acts as a one stop shop for them which aims to provides a variety of tone and shade in red color – be it Copper red, bronze red, Gold red with varying luminosity levels as per the need and want of the customer. The solution is nothing but a crème hair treatment which contains Ionene G as well as Incel as part of its ingredients. These products help in precise coloring of hair, and also to condition the hair to ensure that the colors do not tend to dehydrate the hair and in the process make it rough.

The solution provides a long lasting permanent hair color treatment which remains intact even after showers. The Loreal Majirouge Mixer red is recommended to be used with an Loreal hair conditioner which keeps the hair soft & hydrated till the next coloration schedule.

One thought on “End Results of Loreal MAJIROUGE MIXER Red

  1. As a trained hairdresser I would caution using Loreal mixers with your color. Mixers are a concentrated pigment that will dramatically alter the hair color formula. If you really want to use mixers then just add a drop or two to the mix, you can always add more next time.

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