Loreal MAJIROUGE MIXER Copper red

Majirouge Mixer

Majirouge Mixer

Loreal Majirouge Mixer Copper red, as the name suggests, is a hair coloring solution launched by Loreal which provides a beautiful bronze or a gold red color shading or tone to the hair. The product covers up to 100% of grey or white hair and provides a rich, shiny look and feel to the hair. The effect of the solution is permanent and long lasting. In addition to coloring the hair, the product also ensures that the hair is conditioned well. The presence of Ionene G as well as Incel helps in precise coloration of hair and makes sure that the hair is kept hydrated. This in turn makes sure of the nourishment of the hair.

Customers can place their order from any of the suppliers present in online commercial sites and get their products shipped at their address with no additional cost. This creamy Loreal Majirouge Mixer Copper red solution also comes with a hair conditioner which is mostly used in tandem.

One thought on “Loreal MAJIROUGE MIXER Copper red

  1. I love copper mixer. or red copper mixer they tend to add the actual red not the red violet that red mixers usually produce. Always be careful not to add too much as any mixer can overpower the color combination and make color too dark.

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