How Will Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (9, 5-1) Condition My Hair?

Loreal Igora Expert Mousse

Loreal Igora Expert Mousse

Designed to give your hair beige extra light blonde color, the Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (9, 5-1) is a semi permanent conditioner. For conditioning your manes, it features a conditioning formula that combines a care and direct dye foamed mix. The formula specifically has lipid ingredients that ensure finest dye outcome.

One of these lipids is a Phospho lipid, a protein present in the cell membrane of strands. Extracted from organic safflower oil, it has enough linoleic acid for conditioning your hair effectively. This lipid is also responsible for rendering non-oily, mild soft feel to your hair. Apart from conditioning your manes, the lipid is also capable of strengthening the membranes as well as enhancing the overall quality of your hair. It also offers superb substantivity for making your hair look fuller.

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