Which Developer Goes with Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (5-99)?

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse

Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (5-99) is a genuine semi permanent color product, which means that no developer is used with it. It gives a refreshing, deep red violet shade. The tone is violet, while the level is medium brown as indicated by the number 5. The resultant color is likely to wash out of your strands with no discrimination. As a result, the product is ideal for experimenting for the first timers, covering grey hair without any commitment to hair color, correcting an existing color, toning for sleek look, glossing to augment the natural base color, neutralizing for perfection, and pre-pigmenting.

Such a versatile product adds brilliant shine, covers up to 20% white strands, is conveniently applicable without a brush and with zero waste, and retains strands in perfect condition. The output lasts up to eight washes.

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