How Will LOreal MAJIROUGE MIXER Copper Red Color Look On My Hair?

Majirouge copper red

Majirouge copper red

The MAJIROUGE MIXER Copper Red product is permanent crème delivering a color of amazing copper red mix to your hair. The outcome is precisely uniform, rich, glossy, and lasting vibrant red with up to full coverage of your white strands. The tube product is amongst the effective ones featuring a creative gel cream formula to deliver a lasting and natural color look with value-added pros after every use.

The product is formulated with the advanced patented technology that conditions as well as protects your hair for further growth by lightening up to three levels. The formula itself contains the effective Ionene G polymers and the Incell complex, which contributes to protecting, conditioning, and reinforcing your strands. The formula also aims to repair your rough, dry, or damaged hair. However, the product is meant for professional use only.

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