For Which Hair Type is LOreal DIA RICHESSE 5/5N Effective?

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Giving a medium brown color to the strands, LOreal DIA RICHESSE 5/5N is geared towards natural hair or hair whose 70% manes are white. Yes, it is not designed for all types of hair. This cream is a semi permanent alkaline product that is free of ammonia. It is also milder in terms of other chemicals due to which it is suitable for colored hair and fragile hair.

The product is capable of delivering a natural, rich deep color along with ultra-glossy outcome. It works by lightening up to 1.5 levels. The tube features a formula of advanced alkaline tone-on-tone technology that ensures safety for color-treated hair, natural hair, and even first white hair. The overall outcome is rich, natural looking, and deeply reflected hair. However, the cream is for professional use only, which means it should not be tried on your own at home.  Top of Form


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