Which Color Do I Get from LOreal MAJIROUGE 5.56/5RvR

Loreal Majirouge

Loreal Majirouge

The MAJIROUGE 5.56/5RvR exclusively gives you a strong red mahogany brown color. However, you can expect a vibrant, bright, and stylish red tone, ranging right from copper to burgundy red. This cream delivering permanent color is suitable for all types of strands and covers 100% white and grey hair.

The product contains an effective gel-crème formula along with NN-series for enriching grey hair color formula. Applying this dye ends up coloring over 50% of gray hair to give a lovely look. Therefore, it is a better product for those who are looking after a striking red color for their grey strands without any harmful chemical-based formula.


The new gel-crème formula ensures you easy mixing, ultra conditioning, and lasting protection. The Ionene G + Incell technology ensures conditioning to your hair to make it look silky and shiny.

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