How to Use L’Oreal Majirel Cool Cover 8.3/8G

LOreal Majirel COOL COVER Hair Color

LOreal Majirel COOL COVER Hair Color

L’Oreal Majirel COOL COVER 8.3 gives you a permanent light golden blonde color. It is the only hair color product that is designed to condition right from the cortex cuticle to the hair surface through Ionene G conditioning polymer and multi-dimensional Incell complex. It lightens up to two to three levels and covers up to 100% white hair.

Before applying to the hair, you need to mix the content of full tube with 2.6 oz. of Majicrème 20- or 30-volume developer. Now, you need to apply this mix to the mid-lengths or ends that are half inch from the scalp. Next, you need to progress for next 15 minutes and then apply the mix to the unwashed, dry re-growth followed by applying to mid-lengths or ends. Treat in this way for full development time of 35 minutes for using this product. For rinsing, just add some warm water to the strands and softly blend. Finally, rinse the color thoroughly and shampoo the hair twice with the brand’s Post-Color Shampoo.

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