Technology And Precautionary Measures Before Application Of Hair Color

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Before application of any hair coloring treatment solution, consumers must consider about the ingredients used in the coloring solution, the modus operandi, the quantum of ammonia present and also the possible impact of the solution on the skin of the user. While application of the LOreal Diarichesse hair color solution, the colorants applied firstly penetrate and then bond them under the fiber of the hair. Once penetrated, the colorants then develop with the Diactivateur used, which needs to be applied in tandem to the Diarichesse hair solution. The Diactivateur actually results in the intensity of the hair shine. All the hair cuticles get closed with exceptional soft hair.

Now, before using the hair color solution, all users are recommended to go for a skin allergy test which would check whether the hair colorants do have allergic reaction with the skin of the person. This ideally should be done every 48 hours before the application of the colorant.

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