What is the Technology behind the L’Oreal INOA Products?

Loreal INOA

Loreal INOA

Introduced in 2010 as the initial ammonia-free permanent professional hair color, INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia dye. The celebrity hairstylist and L’Oreal artist Jennifer MacDougall prefers INOA for rich, gorgeous, smooth and shiny hair color. Intended to cause no damage, INOA does work without ammonia. This is because it implements a new technology called Oil Delivery System (ODS).

This technology replaces ammonia by oil molecules for opening the hair shaft meticulously to infuse the dye. The molecules maximize color performance by utilizing little quantity of monoethanolamine or MEA as an alternate alkaline ingredient to ammonia. They also preserve the hair’s lipids after application and gives shinier and softer hair as they were before coloring. This technology ensures amplified hydration and nutrition for six weeks and covers 100% grey hair.

There are almost 60 shades to choose, including the rich and magnetic brunettes, the extravagant reds and coppers, and the sparkling blondes.

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One thought on “What is the Technology behind the L’Oreal INOA Products?

  1. Loreal Inoa is a excellent choice of color for those customers that have an allergic reaction to regular color. If your scalp gets irritated by color there is no better choice than Inoa. This hair color goes on smoothly during the application and is easy to mix.
    However, elimination of ammonia does have its drawbacks. Inoa must be mixed 1:1 exactly, if you miss proper mixture the color will not come out nicely nor will it cover gray hair.
    Also, Loreal Inoa does not cover white gray hair perfectly. It will always leave some hair uncolored no meter how precise you are in application. Do not even think of getting any gray coverage above level 8 I would even say 7.
    Keep this color in your hair for at least 45 minutes maybe even 1 hour, because of the longer processing time I noticed better gray coverage.

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