Does It Take More Time For A Hair Color To Penetrate Into Coarser Strands?

It is not uncommon for most women to see their hair getting coarser, especially when they have aged. However, a common concern among them is the time their hair color takes to sit down nicely on their strands. According to experts, coarser hair is typically the outcome of more gray. Depending upon the hair color and brand in use, it may take some more time for the color to diffuse into gray hair. This means it is best to leave the color for an additional 5 to 10 minutes.

It is advised to use permanent color for better outcome, as semi-permanent and demi-permanent options are relatively more topical due to which they do not penetrate so deeply into the hair. Most permanent colors such as those from LOreal Professional and Colortrak are worth trying on coarser hair. Most of their products are free of ammonia.

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