I Have Accidentally Colored My Strands Too Dark. What Should I Do Now?

Most people think that re-coloring the hair with a lighter color can reverse the impact of too darker look than the wanted one. However, experts recommend waiting for almost five to six weeks after too dark dyeing, as the color might fade into the look of your choice. Alternatively, during this time, experts also suggest using a conditioner along with a damp but warm towel.

A conditioner or olive oil when used with damp towel works by opening the shaft, which consequently squeezes out some amount of pigment. However, it is not mandatory for this recipe to work on all hair types. Thus, if it does not show the desired result, it is suggested not to try lightening your hair on your own or at home. It is then better to seek professional help or ask your salon for a re-touch formula such as the one that LOreal hair color offers, if you are a keen Do-It-Yourself enthusiast.

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