What Kind Of Highlight Will Suit Short Hair?

Highlights are ideal for enlightening short hair but they need not be so obvious. Just consider them for having a subtle contrasting color to the base color for enjoying a classic appearance appropriate for any occasion. For a soft look and great outlining of your face shape, a lighter and naturally placed highlight is ideal. However, you can even combine several highlights in dark and light variations of the base color to have apt texture.

If you like a two-tone highlight, it is best to go for a two-tone appearance. You can have a dark look lighter by sprinkling light highlights all over the top section or boost a darker base with some contrasting and thick highlights.

Other way is to add highlights in the beneath area of your hair rather than atop your head. This is ideal to have splashes for highlighting the most suitable sections and offer some assortment while styling in various ways.

For highlights, consider the color products from LOreal, Schwarzkopf, and Wella.

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