Can A Deep Conditioner Strengthen And Soften Damaged Or Chemically Treated Hair?

Having the right deep conditioner can make your hair soft and silky. However, this conditioner is the one that you choose as per the prevalent condition, type, and texture of your hair. Otherwise, the chosen conditioner can give dull and oily strands.

Not all deep conditioners are same, as they can a variety of penetration levels. For example, the Phyto brand itself offers deep conditioners, of which one is less moisturizing than the other. Similarly, some conditioners give more lasting results than others. Generally, deep conditioners have proteins, amino acids, panthenol or a mix of all to fortify and soften damaged or chemically treated manes.

In case of doubt, consulting an expert is the way to go.

Is the Cream and Serum for Hair the Same Thing?

No! Hair cream and serum are certainly not the same thing. However, no perfect definition exists in the cosmetic world to highlight the major difference between the two. This is why many manufacturers come up with almost similar descriptions for both. However, a smart customer is always eager to find out the difference. 

Generally, creams are produced by blending water and oil and act as moisturizers for normal and dry hair. On the other hand, serums are newer and lighter than creams because of more water content. Hair serums are also less sticky than hair creams and are designed to keep your locks soft and smooth. They are a lot lighter due to which your locks do not weigh down, as it would be in the case of using a cream. 

Because a hair cream makes your hair oily, a serum is recommended by most customers for soothing the ends well as well as making the dry hair soft. However, for those who want instant hydration, a hair cream is the right choice. This is because a serum is usually for long-term usage. Well, even serums can make your manes appear oily due to which you should apply it sparingly.

How to Style Your Hair?

According to the creative director of Original & Mineral, Janelle Chaplin, styling your hair effectively happens in three different stages. She promotes this art as a step-by-step process that is quite simple to understand. She suggests this order to obtain a perfect blend by using the heavy, strong stuff in smallest possible amounts, at last while tapping portion sizes. 

As the first step, you need to hydrate your locks by applying a detangler or a leave-in conditioner directly out of the shower. The product should be such that it can retain the moisture inside. You can now dry the hair until 80% of the locks become dry. 

In the second step, it is time to use a foundation product a bit closer to the scalp. You are required to choose a suitable product such as volumizer or a mousse. The selection seriously depends upon what you need as the output, and not what others are showing off.  

In the last and third step, you can use a texturizing product, a hairspray, and any sheen-inducing serum applicable from the ends to the middle of the locks. Well, you are now ready to go!

What is the Best Way to Shampoo?

Have you been using only one shampoo that is made just for your kind of hair? Well, while most people will answer positively to this query, there is a twist introduced by an expert. According to the creative director of Original & Mineral, Janelle Chaplin, it is better to use two shampoos, as she does the same for her own hair. 

According to her, the first shampoo should be such that it exfoliates the scalp and discard all that is old but not gold. It really means to dig in deep with all possible herbals and other suitable scalp-friendly ingredients. Choosing one such a shampoo not only stimulates the scalp but also makes one feel quite surprising for such scalp care. 

Then, the second shampoo should be such that it is treats your hair type well, which can be processed, thin, curly, thick, or fine. Lastly, you should use a conditioner for moisturizing your locks, especially from the middle toward the ends. There is no need to apply it on your roots. 

It is also advisable to use a brush for even distribution of not only the shampoos but also of the conditioner, during the shower. If your hair is shorter or fine, consider applying a quarter-size of both hair products.

By When Can You Color Hair That Has Been Spiral Permed?

Generally vertical rods are used to create cascading ringlets for medium and long hair. Curls usually last through washing and styling. They naturally return to their original state. A chemical solution is used for perming and hence care need to be taken when coloring hair using chemical dyes.

Spiral Permed Hair

Spiral Permed Hair

Make sure that you have permed your hair before coloring. Never perm your hair soon after coloring, wait at least for 2 or 3 weeks. The reason for this is that colored hair may interfere with the permanent solution causing the perm to frizz and may cause irritations.

Experts from L’oreal Paris suggest that in order to darken hair with a permanent hair color you need to wait at least 10 days after perming. Make sure that you perform a strand test to gauge processing time if you color at home. During the 10 days of waiting period make sure you wash your hair using a moisturizing shampoo and condition 24 to 48 hours after perming. This prevents breakage.

Experts go on to say that if you want to lighten your spiral curls, you must wait 10 days. The chemicals in the perm solutions damage your hair like beaching does. This weakens your hair and results in splitting and breakable when you try to lighten your hair earlier. Also make sure that you have consulted hair professionals and have used their services for lightening.

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