I Have Accidentally Colored My Strands Too Dark. What Should I Do Now?

Most people think that re-coloring the hair with a lighter color can reverse the impact of too darker look than the wanted one. However, experts recommend waiting for almost five to six weeks after too dark dyeing, as the color might fade into the look of your choice. Alternatively, during this time, experts also suggest using a conditioner along with a damp but warm towel.

A conditioner or olive oil when used with damp towel works by opening the shaft, which consequently squeezes out some amount of pigment. However, it is not mandatory for this recipe to work on all hair types. Thus, if it does not show the desired result, it is suggested not to try lightening your hair on your own or at home. It is then better to seek professional help or ask your salon for a re-touch formula such as the one that LOreal hair color offers, if you are a keen Do-It-Yourself enthusiast.

Does It Take More Time For A Hair Color To Penetrate Into Coarser Strands?

It is not uncommon for most women to see their hair getting coarser, especially when they have aged. However, a common concern among them is the time their hair color takes to sit down nicely on their strands. According to experts, coarser hair is typically the outcome of more gray. Depending upon the hair color and brand in use, it may take some more time for the color to diffuse into gray hair. This means it is best to leave the color for an additional 5 to 10 minutes.

It is advised to use permanent color for better outcome, as semi-permanent and demi-permanent options are relatively more topical due to which they do not penetrate so deeply into the hair. Most permanent colors such as those from LOreal Professional and Colortrak are worth trying on coarser hair. Most of their products are free of ammonia.

Who Should Use L’Oreal COMPOSITE Hair Color CACAO?

Loreal Composite hair color

Loreal Composite hair color

As the name indicates, the Composite Hair Color Cacao from L’Oreal gives you Cacao color. However, it is best suited for those who desire a multi-tonal permanent color outcome. The product is specially geared for custom color effects with the development time of only 20 minutes, which is really quick. Go for this product if you wish to have partial colorful hair in Cacao color.

You can expect truly pure tone and lasting color with 1 to 1.5 levels of lift. The crème-gel formula within is capable of giving a versatile color, ranging right from a bold tone to a subtle one. The product is a permanent colorant. However, it is not meant for Do-It-Yourself use. The brand recommends consulting your professional hairdresser and having a detailed discussion on color to accomplish the perfect shade.

What Can L’Oreal Majirel 10.01/10NB Do for Me?

L'Oreal Professional Majirel Hair Color 10.01(10NB)

L’Oreal Professional Majirel Hair Color 10.01(10NB)

The LOreal Majorel 10.01/10 NB product is designed for those who wish to give an extra light natural ash blonde color to their strands. This 1.7oz tube aims to deliver a permanent color such that the there is no risk of fading at all for a long time. It works by lifting the strands up to two to three levels, and covers up to 100% white strands.

The colorant features two advanced technologies namely, Ionène G and Incell, which go through all the three levels of the strands to treat the whole fiber. While Ionène G aims to restore, defend, and condition the strands incessantly, Incell reinforces and strengthens each strand from thoroughly as well as applies the color uniformly and precisely.

Using this tube ensures rich, shiny, and lasting black color. The mixture includes Majicrème 20-volume developer in the quantity of 2.6 oz. for covering all white strands and accomplishing up to two levels of lift. For two to three levels of lift, consider mixing Majicrème 30-volume developer.

What Does the Number in the Names of L’Oreal Majirel Products Mean?

Loreal Majirel Hair Color

Loreal Majirel Hair Color

Upon looking at Majirel 5.5 or Majirel 5.3 for the first time, you must be wondering as to what 5.5 or 5.3 stands for. Well, this is the hair color numbering system that L’Oreal follows for its Majirel products. The first number indicates the how dark the color will be, from black to blonde. It simply represents the color depth, which is as follows:
1- Black, 2-Darkest Brown, 3-Dark Brown, 4-Brown, 5-Light Brown, 6-Dark Blonde, 7-Blonde, 8-Light Blonde, 9-Very light Blonde, and 10-Lightest Blonde

The second number indicates the color tone that is included to ensure a finished look.

The tone range is as follows:
.1-Blue ash, .2-Violet, .3- Gold, .4-Copper, .5-Mahogany, .6- Red, and .7- Green ash

So now, it is clear that Majirel 5.3 shall give you a light golden brown color, while Majirel 5.5 shall give you light mahogany brown color.

What is the Technology behind the L’Oreal INOA Products?

Loreal INOA

Loreal INOA

Introduced in 2010 as the initial ammonia-free permanent professional hair color, INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia dye. The celebrity hairstylist and L’Oreal artist Jennifer MacDougall prefers INOA for rich, gorgeous, smooth and shiny hair color. Intended to cause no damage, INOA does work without ammonia. This is because it implements a new technology called Oil Delivery System (ODS).

This technology replaces ammonia by oil molecules for opening the hair shaft meticulously to infuse the dye. The molecules maximize color performance by utilizing little quantity of monoethanolamine or MEA as an alternate alkaline ingredient to ammonia. They also preserve the hair’s lipids after application and gives shinier and softer hair as they were before coloring. This technology ensures amplified hydration and nutrition for six weeks and covers 100% grey hair.

There are almost 60 shades to choose, including the rich and magnetic brunettes, the extravagant reds and coppers, and the sparkling blondes.

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Should I Go With LOreal Permanent or Non-Permanent Hair Color?

Loreal Professional

Loreal Professional

Choosing between permanent and non-permanent hair color from L’Oreal is solely dependent upon your needs. A permanent colorant from this brand is ideal for covering grey hair. Its color does not wash out and that maintenance is needed after every 1.5 months for re-growth. You can even expect fashion colors from the brand’s permanent colorant collection. A few popular L’Oreal products to consider for permanent hair color are Preference for stylish colors, Excellence Crème for grey coverage.

On the other hand, the color from the brand’s non-permanent colorant lasts only up to 28 shampoos, which is more than what is the standard yardstick. However, the plus point is that you get ammonia-free outcome, which is ideal for a scalp that is more sensitive. Because the color fades with time, there is not much maintenance required. Further, you are ensured of super soft and shiny hair look. For such a look, consider Casting Crème Gloss from L’Oreal.

How to Use L’Oreal Majirel Cool Cover 8.3/8G

LOreal Majirel COOL COVER Hair Color

LOreal Majirel COOL COVER Hair Color

L’Oreal Majirel COOL COVER 8.3 gives you a permanent light golden blonde color. It is the only hair color product that is designed to condition right from the cortex cuticle to the hair surface through Ionene G conditioning polymer and multi-dimensional Incell complex. It lightens up to two to three levels and covers up to 100% white hair.

Before applying to the hair, you need to mix the content of full tube with 2.6 oz. of Majicrème 20- or 30-volume developer. Now, you need to apply this mix to the mid-lengths or ends that are half inch from the scalp. Next, you need to progress for next 15 minutes and then apply the mix to the unwashed, dry re-growth followed by applying to mid-lengths or ends. Treat in this way for full development time of 35 minutes for using this product. For rinsing, just add some warm water to the strands and softly blend. Finally, rinse the color thoroughly and shampoo the hair twice with the brand’s Post-Color Shampoo.

Technology And Precautionary Measures Before Application Of Hair Color

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Before application of any hair coloring treatment solution, consumers must consider about the ingredients used in the coloring solution, the modus operandi, the quantum of ammonia present and also the possible impact of the solution on the skin of the user. While application of the LOreal Diarichesse hair color solution, the colorants applied firstly penetrate and then bond them under the fiber of the hair. Once penetrated, the colorants then develop with the Diactivateur used, which needs to be applied in tandem to the Diarichesse hair solution. The Diactivateur actually results in the intensity of the hair shine. All the hair cuticles get closed with exceptional soft hair.

Now, before using the hair color solution, all users are recommended to go for a skin allergy test which would check whether the hair colorants do have allergic reaction with the skin of the person. This ideally should be done every 48 hours before the application of the colorant.

For Which Hair Type is LOreal DIA RICHESSE 5/5N Effective?

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Loreal Diarichesse Hair Color

Giving a medium brown color to the strands, LOreal DIA RICHESSE 5/5N is geared towards natural hair or hair whose 70% manes are white. Yes, it is not designed for all types of hair. This cream is a semi permanent alkaline product that is free of ammonia. It is also milder in terms of other chemicals due to which it is suitable for colored hair and fragile hair.

The product is capable of delivering a natural, rich deep color along with ultra-glossy outcome. It works by lightening up to 1.5 levels. The tube features a formula of advanced alkaline tone-on-tone technology that ensures safety for color-treated hair, natural hair, and even first white hair. The overall outcome is rich, natural looking, and deeply reflected hair. However, the cream is for professional use only, which means it should not be tried on your own at home.  Top of Form