Hair Color Tips Using Redken

Redken Hair Color

Redken Hair Color

Redken is a hair color that is commonly found in studios. It comes with an advanced coverage and natural balance and in shades of warm and neutral browns, reddish shades and also natural ashy shades. Stylists from LOreal suggest that if you wish to use it as a DIY, you need to order it online.

The following instructions will help you color your hair within the comfort of your home.

• Before you begin with any coloring product, make sure you read the instructions manual carefully.
• Wear old clothes and also drape a towel before the process begins.
• Test for the exact color by conducting a strand test. Make sure you color atleast 1/4 inch of thick strand and wait for 25 minutes before washing out.
• If you are okay with the color, you may proceed. Apply Vaseline all over your hairline to prevent staining.
• Part your hair into four sections and clip them.
• Make sure you wear gloves before you mix the developer and Redken color of choice in a bowl using a brush.
• Start the process of application from roots to the ends of each section. Make sure you begin the process from the sections behind and move to the sections on top later.
• Allow the color to remain for the time instructed.
• Wash off with water until the water runs clear. Apply conditioner and rinse well. Make sure you dry your hair with a towel.

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