Can A Semi-Permanent Mousse Safely Tone Brassy Hair?

A semi-permanent mousse is perhaps one of the ideal products for toning brassy hair. This is because it does not cause any hair damage like the permanent colors and that you can use it in the shower post shampooing. If you use a good quality mousse, it can take less than five minutes to restore the brassy hair to its original, salon blonde hair.

Most mousses are such that you can apply them as often as necessary to get your manes even conditioned well. However, you may use them only once a week and after every shampoo for retaining an ash or silver tone. It also does not take much time in mixing and applying the content of a mousse. For 5 minutes longer in the shower, you can get rid of brassy hair and step out with salon blonde hair again. For best results for blonde hair, the mousse from Schwarzkopf Igora is worth trying.

Which Developer Goes with Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (5-99)?

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse

Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (5-99) is a genuine semi permanent color product, which means that no developer is used with it. It gives a refreshing, deep red violet shade. The tone is violet, while the level is medium brown as indicated by the number 5. The resultant color is likely to wash out of your strands with no discrimination. As a result, the product is ideal for experimenting for the first timers, covering grey hair without any commitment to hair color, correcting an existing color, toning for sleek look, glossing to augment the natural base color, neutralizing for perfection, and pre-pigmenting.

Such a versatile product adds brilliant shine, covers up to 20% white strands, is conveniently applicable without a brush and with zero waste, and retains strands in perfect condition. The output lasts up to eight washes.

Which Color Should I Expect from Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE 3-0

Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE 3-0

Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE 3-0

Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE 3-0 gives you dark brown color. It is a conditioning color mousse appealing to those who wish to have a quick color without any assurance for a semi-permanent or permanent color. It covers up to 20% white hair, adds superb shine, and lasts up to eight washes. The product is ideal for making a daring color spray.

For using the product, you start by shaking the bottle well and applying the mousse to wet hair in an evenly manner with the help of a comb or a brush. Then, you should allow it to develop for refreshing and conditioning for up to five minutes. If you want deep conditioning and intense color outcome, consider extending this time up to 20 minutes. Once this time is over, rinse your hair with the help of protective gloves until water comes out clear. An additional advantage is that there is no need of extra shampoo.

What is the Technology behind Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (7-5)?

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse

Delivering the gold medium blonde color with outstanding shine to your hair, Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (7-5) is a semi-permanent mousse. It does not require any developer and implements a conditioning mix of a formula for hair care and pure direct dye. The foamed mix has lipid ingredients that are responsible for optimal dye bond. The mix is both quick and easy to apply to your hair.

In the mix, the Phospho lipid as a protein and a part of the hair’s cell membrane, functions to strengthen the hair membranes as well as boost hair quality. Obtained from natural safflower oil, it has 80% of linoleic acid that ensures effective conditioning and non-greasy but mild emolliency. The mixture also has cationic polymers that most conditioners often have. They leave your manes strong, shiny, and soft.

How Will Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (9, 5-1) Condition My Hair?

Loreal Igora Expert Mousse

Loreal Igora Expert Mousse

Designed to give your hair beige extra light blonde color, the Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE (9, 5-1) is a semi permanent conditioner. For conditioning your manes, it features a conditioning formula that combines a care and direct dye foamed mix. The formula specifically has lipid ingredients that ensure finest dye outcome.

One of these lipids is a Phospho lipid, a protein present in the cell membrane of strands. Extracted from organic safflower oil, it has enough linoleic acid for conditioning your hair effectively. This lipid is also responsible for rendering non-oily, mild soft feel to your hair. Apart from conditioning your manes, the lipid is also capable of strengthening the membranes as well as enhancing the overall quality of your hair. It also offers superb substantivity for making your hair look fuller.

What All Colors Can I Get from the Schwarzkopf Igora EXPERT MOUSSE Collection?



Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse collection is capable of giving you 13 meticulously chosen shades all of which are intermixable without any assurance of semi-permanent or permanent color. These shades are as follows:

3-0: Dark brown

4-68: Medium brown chocolate red

5-0: Light brown, 5-5: Light Brown Gold, 5-88: Light brown extra red, 5-99: Light brown extra violet

7-0: Medium blonde, 7-5: Medium blonde gold, 7-65: Medium blonde chocolate gold

8-1: Light blonde cendre, 8-77: Light blonde extra copper

9, 5-1: Pearl, 9, 5-4: Beige, 9, 5-12: Moonstone, 9, 5-55: Honey, and 9, 5-17: Peach

Due to these many colors and the ability to mix them, you get a versatile chance to find the color of your choice. Regardless of the color you choose, you are ensured of a brilliant shine along with uniform enhancement in looks.

Look Younger With Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse Hair Color (3-0)

The hair colors do add to the overall persona of the person. It is commonly assumed that people use artificial coloration in their hair to camouflage grey hairs. This, however, is a misnomer in the sense that a majority of the users use this product to provide luminous shades to their hair which more or less is synchronized with their overall personal.

Schwarzkopf Expert Mousse 3-0

Schwarzkopf Expert Mousse 3-0

The Schwarzkopf Expert Mousse 3-0 is nothing but a semi-permanent hair color perfectionist which provides a rich set of blend to users to choose from. They have a rich set of 13 luminous no-commitment shades which has answers and ready made solutions to all the artistic and aesthetic needs of customers. In addition to the color shades which add on to the elegance of the hair, the conditioning provides efficient brilliance and shine to the hair as well.

The hair color provides 20 percent coverage to white or grey hair and lasts up to 8 washes. The refreshing and conditioning of normal color lasts up to 3 to 5 minutes, whereas the conditioning can go up to 15 to 20 minutes in case of extensive colorations.