Should I High Lift My Hair?

A high lift color is a permanent one but has distinct composition to work a bit differently to other dyes. Such colors contain more pigment and ammonia along with a double ratio of a developer of 40 volume due to which it lightens the hair more effectually than the other dyes of blonde and yet tones while lightening.

High lift colors have restricted use although they were introduced to replace bleaches. However, they are not interchangeable with bleach. A high lift color is only for use on virgin hair that is already in light brown shade or a dark blonde color, and that you need 3-7 levels of lift. Matrix and Wella Koleston are some reliable brands for high lift colors.

The Best Colors for Dying White Hair

Grey Hair

Grey Hair

Over time hair turns white with aging. When and how much actually depend upon hereditary factors. However, there are some other reasons to for graying of hair like malnourishment, disease. In such cases too people find it difficult to return back to their natural color and hence revive it using hair colors.

Some of the commonly used methods are as follows:

As hair gradually turns white, today a lot of people prefer to adapt to shades of grey. This helps to bring a smooth transition. White, gray, silver or a combination of these colors is mostly used to dye hair.

Highlighting is a good option. In this case re-growth will be less prominent as the color of highlights are variable and are usually lighter than your natural hair. This helps in camouflaging white hair subtly.

Light Hair color
Light hair colors are used to color the entire head. This is a good method provided you ensure to choose the color a shade lighter than your natural color. Consulting a stylist is a good option as he or she would know which colors would be more suitable for you.

Blonde is one color that decreases the contrast between new white hair. However, while coloring blonde make sure you have a bleaching agent and a toner. A stylist is also recommended as the process is time consuming.

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How to Remove Permanent Hair Color?

Remove Hair Color

Remove Hair Color

According to Wella hair colorists, many women have experienced nightmares due to wrong choice of color. But the good news is that you need not panic. Even though the color is permanent, it can be removed one way or the other.

The main culprit for such errors is the home hair color kits. The small color swatches or shade shown on the carton is not always accurate. Moreover if your hair is damaged, the color results vary. This is mainly because damaged hair is porous and it will absorb more dye and lead to unexpected results.

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Following are some ways to help you reverse your hair color:
Hair Removal Kits
Hair color removal kits are available in the market for removal of color. These kits if used within a day after coloring will provide excellent results. However, the negative side effects of these products include strong pungent smell that would need a number of hair washes using shampoos to recover. Some of these removers cause the hair to bleach if left over for a longer period.
• Stylist to the rescue
The best way is to approach your stylist who can guide you. But you need to contact the stylist and enroll for the hair removal treatment between 48 to 72 hours. Color treatments conducted at salons require more than one sitting but will provide you with excellent results.
Last but not the least you can get a haircut if you do not want to further damage.


Hair Color Removal without Damage