What Kind Of Highlight Will Suit Short Hair?

Highlights are ideal for enlightening short hair but they need not be so obvious. Just consider them for having a subtle contrasting color to the base color for enjoying a classic appearance appropriate for any occasion. For a soft look and great outlining of your face shape, a lighter and naturally placed highlight is ideal. However, you can even combine several highlights in dark and light variations of the base color to have apt texture.

If you like a two-tone highlight, it is best to go for a two-tone appearance. You can have a dark look lighter by sprinkling light highlights all over the top section or boost a darker base with some contrasting and thick highlights.

Other way is to add highlights in the beneath area of your hair rather than atop your head. This is ideal to have splashes for highlighting the most suitable sections and offer some assortment while styling in various ways.

For highlights, consider the color products from LOreal, Schwarzkopf, and Wella.

Which Is The Most Reliable Color For African American Gray Hair?

Usually, African American strands are naturally dark due to which a lighter shade is likely to give an unnatural look. This means selecting a blonde shade will not work well for covering gray African American hair. A light shade gives a displeasing outcome of orange tinge or yellowish hue. However, in case of light gray hair, a lighter shade is recommended.

If the length of your manes is not gray and only the roots are gray, a permanent color is fine for having a dark brown hue for covering the gray on the roots after which you can have a deep cherry highlight for a cool look. You can even consider some deep tones of brown and black for covering gray portions on such strands. Brands such as Wella Koleston offer demi-permanent options for the same.

How To Find Out The Most Suitable Hair Color As Per My Complexion?

One way to do so is to test various colors on a wig and then see whether it matches with your skin tone. While there are a few basic rules, anything can gel well if you know how to play with your makeup. According to the common belief system or rules, warmer colors such as buttery blondes, caramel, and reds go well with gold wear, while cool browns, beige blondes, and light ash-browns are ideal for those who prefer silver wear. In case of rose gold, copper blondes and strawberry browns go well.

Recently, brands such as Wella hair color and Matrix hair color have introduced ammonia-free permanent colors that involve an alternative termed monoethanolamine (MEA) and their developers have hydrogen peroxide. These color products work by lifting the strands up to three levels and open the cuticle smoothly so that the color molecules can penetrate into shaft with the triggered heat.

Importance of Wella Color Charm Additives

Wella Color Charm Additives

Wella Color Charm Additives

Wella Color Charm Additives are ideal for giving even greater control of your final color result. The important Wella Color Charm Additives are Warming Gold Additives and Cooling Violet Additives.

The Warming Gold Additive can be added to any existing Wella Color Charm shade to put in more warmth to the final result. This will make available greater definition and vibrancy to red, gold and rich brown shades. If you want to use the Warming Gold Additive, add between 2-4 capfuls of Warming Gold Additive to a full mixture of Wella Color Charm. The more Warming Gold Additive you apply, the more distinct the effect will be on the final color result.

For reducing unwanted warm tones, the Cooling Violet Additive can be added to any existing Wella Color Charm shade. This is ideal if you would like to create a more matte type of result or if your hair has a high degree of natural warm tone (underlying pigment). For using the Cooling Additive, add between 2-4 capfuls of Cooling Violet Additive to a full mixture of Wella Color Charm. The more Cooling Violet Additive you use, the more prominent the effect will be on the final color result.

When working with darker shade selections, utilize more Cooling Violet Additive to accomplish more perceptible results. Lighter shade selections will normally have need of less Cooling Violet Additive to attain your most wanted result.

How to Mix Wella Color Charm Developers

Wella Color Charm Developer

Wella Color Charm Developer

 is a stabilized developer formulated for use with all permanent hair color.  It has two dedicated developers: Cream Developer and Clear Developer.

Cream Developer is ideal for bowl and brush or bottle application. It is available in 20 Vol and 40 Vol (32 oz and 4 oz bottles). Available in 20 Vol (32 oz bottle, Clear Developer is perfect for bottle application.

For the normal mixing of Wella color charm developers, first determine the preferred amount of product needed. Then choose the application method, whether it is applicator bottle or bowl and brush. The Mixing Ratio is 1:2. This means that blend 1 part Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair color to 2 parts Wella Color C harm Developer. For example, mix one whole bottle of Color Charm Liquid Hair color with 3 oz of Color Charm developer.

For getting 10 volume, mix equal parts 20 volume and distilled water. This will give same depth or darker than natural hair color. Deposit with minimal lift, depending on texture and porosity. Use 20 volume to get 2 levels of lift and optimum coverage on white hair. 40 volume gives 3-4 levels of lift and maximum lift for brighter and clearer blonde results.

Tip: Mix 1 oz Color Charm Permanent Haircolor + 2 oz Wella Color Charm Developer. Begin application immediately.

Wella Color Charm: How to Create Lustrous Reds, Warm Browns and Lively Blondes


Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm is a permanent, liquid hair-color providing vibrant and intense color with increased shine.

Lustrous Reds include two colors Dark cherry and Rose gold.

Dark cherry is a deep violet color with underlying red tones giving more vibrancy. It is ideal for clients with darker natural hair. It is also a great complement to cool skin tone. Its formula is 1 part 6R (Red Terra Cotta) + 2 parts 3RV (Black Cherry).

Rose gold is perfect for clients who want to be noticed with a vibrant copper red. It provides vibrant copper tone with strong golden undertones. It is formulated by mixing 1 part 9G (Soft Pure Gold Blonde) + 3 parts 8RG (Titian Red Blonde).

Warm Browns include two colors rich chestnut and coffee bean.

Rich chestnut color is great for clients who want a rich inviting brown with a hint of red. It helps to enhance your rich browns with just a hint of red. Its formulation is 3 parts 5WR (Allspice) + 1 part 5RG (Light Auburn).

Coffee bean color is a cool brown with just a hint of violet. It is Ideal for clients not wanting to see red tones within their brown hair color. It is formulated by mixing 1 part 5WV (Cinnamon) + 1 part 4A (Medium Ash Brown).

Lively Blondes include two colors molten gold and dusky blonde.

Molten gold color is great for Clients wanting to achieve a more personalized color that achieves interest. It is a soft strawberry blonde providing brightness with just a hint of red. Its formulation is 1 bottle 10GV (Honey Blonde) + half capful 7R (Red-Red).

Dusky blonde is a cool dusky blonde with violet undertones. It is best for clients wanting a very ashy blonde. Its formula is 1 bottle of 12A (Frosty Ash) + 1 capful of cool intensifier.

How To Choose The Perfect Brown Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Color?

Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Color

Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Color

Wella Koleston is hair color used by salon professionals but can also be used by people who color their own hair. Koleston Perfect available in an extraordinary variety of nuances provides long-lasting gray coverage, color intensity and an absolutely reliable color result. What makes Koleston Perfect unique is the technology used in this hair color. There are three phases to coloring. The shine guard, cream activator and color navigator present results in providing you with an ultra radiant hair color.

For perfection of coloring the professionals suggest that you visit Wella’s website and choose the menu Color Consultation. This feature enables you to find out colors that would suit you as you can upload your photograph and find the color that complements you in every way.

Based on your skin tone you can choose colors suitable for warm tones or cool tones.
For instance if you are warm toned, you can consider a brown hair dye while for a cool toned skin you can choose an ashy or neutral color.
Always choose a brown that is within two shades of your natural color. Any more would results in a coloring disaster. On the other hand if you go for a lighter shade, it would make the color have an orange shade.

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How To Turn Your Dark Hair To Blonde?

Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color

Most of the women with dark hair wish to color their hair blonde. Experts are well are of the opinion that many women fail to color their hair blonde no matter how hard they try as it never works. This is mainly because they need follow the additional step – bleaching. Bleaching is the only way to achieve that blonde color.  Bleaching is not the same as the regular bleach usually done at home. It is harsher but safe on hair and will make the blonde color long-lasting and effective. 

Wella’s, hair color professionals, have come up with some tips that you can follow to achieve this blonde color which are as follows: 

  • Mix all the ingredients in your bleach kit in the bowl, stir in the peroxide until the solution of required consistency is obtained.
  • Apply the bleach to your hair and wait till color sets in. 
  • Leave the bleach for the specific time that is mentioned. 
  • Rinse with water and allow hair to dry. 
  • Now mix the ingredients of the blonde hair color kit. If the kit you purchased has an applicator bottle make use of it. Open the bottle, pour all the contents and shake well so that all the ingredients mix well. 
  • Apply this color to hair; massage it to the hair especially into the roots. 
  • Leave for the specified time instructed and thereafter rinse well with water. Do not use any shampoo. Use the conditions and leave it on your hair for at least 5 minutes. Rinse and style your hair

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How To Apply Wella Toner?

Wella Hair Toner is used to brighten or deepen the shade of blonde after coloring. Normally used after bleaching, it neutralizes hair and also removes brassiness. The beige toner helps to get rid of rusty looking yellow and orange tones. The ash toner helps to make the color gray.

Wella Hair Toner

Wella Hair Toner


1. The first and foremost step is to select the toner. For this you need to examine the color of your hair. If it is of a medium brown to black color, you will have to opt for peroxide to lift the color and thereafter dye it blonde. In this case you will require a blue-based toner that will reduce the brassiness and neutralize the yellow/orange color. If your hair is blonde to light brown, you will require an ash or golden toner.

2. After selecting the toner, your next task is to mix the toner. Combine 1 part toner with 2 arts 20-volume developer and blend them well. Use a brush for the same. However if your toner has a 10-volume developers, you need to mix 1 part toner to 4 parts of developer.

3. Apply the mixture to your hair after shampooing. Avoid strands that do not require it.

4. Allow the mixture to remain for 5 minutes based on whether you wish to neutralize, brighten or deepen. If your hair color is already blonde, you may leave it for just 2 or 3 minutes

5. Rinse your hair till water runs clear and make sure you use a conditioner to rehydrate hair.

How To Choose The Right Color Streaks For Your Hair

“Dull hair can be made to look stunning,” say colorists from Wella.

Adding streaks will make your hair look radiant. Streaks can be added in varying widths. Bolder streaks are referred to as chunks while the thinner ones are referred to as highlights or lowlights.

Coloring at Hair Ends

Coloring at Hair Ends

Coloring at the ends of the hair is called tipping. 

Colorists provide the following tips to help you choose color that is right for you.
• Make sure you choose a color that is close you’re your natural color as it gives you a natural look.
• The next step is to access your skin tone. Determine if it is warm or cool. Place a shade card against your skin to arrive at the right conclusion.
• Access your personality. If you prefer a bold look or you like to have a punk look choose vibrant colors. For subtler look choose lighter and conservative colors.
• Make sure you are aware of the maintenance level required while choosing the color. Natural looking colors require low maintenance and will mask root growth. Boldly colored streaks will require frequent re-touches.
• If you are still not sure, make a visit to your stylist who will always be in a better position to help you choose a color apt for you.

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