Wella Color Charm: How to Create Lustrous Reds, Warm Browns and Lively Blondes


Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm is a permanent, liquid hair-color providing vibrant and intense color with increased shine.

Lustrous Reds include two colors Dark cherry and Rose gold.

Dark cherry is a deep violet color with underlying red tones giving more vibrancy. It is ideal for clients with darker natural hair. It is also a great complement to cool skin tone. Its formula is 1 part 6R (Red Terra Cotta) + 2 parts 3RV (Black Cherry).

Rose gold is perfect for clients who want to be noticed with a vibrant copper red. It provides vibrant copper tone with strong golden undertones. It is formulated by mixing 1 part 9G (Soft Pure Gold Blonde) + 3 parts 8RG (Titian Red Blonde).

Warm Browns include two colors rich chestnut and coffee bean.

Rich chestnut color is great for clients who want a rich inviting brown with a hint of red. It helps to enhance your rich browns with just a hint of red. Its formulation is 3 parts 5WR (Allspice) + 1 part 5RG (Light Auburn).

Coffee bean color is a cool brown with just a hint of violet. It is Ideal for clients not wanting to see red tones within their brown hair color. It is formulated by mixing 1 part 5WV (Cinnamon) + 1 part 4A (Medium Ash Brown).

Lively Blondes include two colors molten gold and dusky blonde.

Molten gold color is great for Clients wanting to achieve a more personalized color that achieves interest. It is a soft strawberry blonde providing brightness with just a hint of red. Its formulation is 1 bottle 10GV (Honey Blonde) + half capful 7R (Red-Red).

Dusky blonde is a cool dusky blonde with violet undertones. It is best for clients wanting a very ashy blonde. Its formula is 1 bottle of 12A (Frosty Ash) + 1 capful of cool intensifier.