How to Mix Wella Color Charm Developers

Wella Color Charm Developer

Wella Color Charm Developer

 is a stabilized developer formulated for use with all permanent hair color.  It has two dedicated developers: Cream Developer and Clear Developer.

Cream Developer is ideal for bowl and brush or bottle application. It is available in 20 Vol and 40 Vol (32 oz and 4 oz bottles). Available in 20 Vol (32 oz bottle, Clear Developer is perfect for bottle application.

For the normal mixing of Wella color charm developers, first determine the preferred amount of product needed. Then choose the application method, whether it is applicator bottle or bowl and brush. The Mixing Ratio is 1:2. This means that blend 1 part Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair color to 2 parts Wella Color C harm Developer. For example, mix one whole bottle of Color Charm Liquid Hair color with 3 oz of Color Charm developer.

For getting 10 volume, mix equal parts 20 volume and distilled water. This will give same depth or darker than natural hair color. Deposit with minimal lift, depending on texture and porosity. Use 20 volume to get 2 levels of lift and optimum coverage on white hair. 40 volume gives 3-4 levels of lift and maximum lift for brighter and clearer blonde results.

Tip: Mix 1 oz Color Charm Permanent Haircolor + 2 oz Wella Color Charm Developer. Begin application immediately.