What Does the Number in the Names of L’Oreal Majirel Products Mean?

Loreal Majirel Hair Color

Loreal Majirel Hair Color

Upon looking at Majirel 5.5 or Majirel 5.3 for the first time, you must be wondering as to what 5.5 or 5.3 stands for. Well, this is the hair color numbering system that L’Oreal follows for its Majirel products. The first number indicates the how dark the color will be, from black to blonde. It simply represents the color depth, which is as follows:
1- Black, 2-Darkest Brown, 3-Dark Brown, 4-Brown, 5-Light Brown, 6-Dark Blonde, 7-Blonde, 8-Light Blonde, 9-Very light Blonde, and 10-Lightest Blonde

The second number indicates the color tone that is included to ensure a finished look.

The tone range is as follows:
.1-Blue ash, .2-Violet, .3- Gold, .4-Copper, .5-Mahogany, .6- Red, and .7- Green ash

So now, it is clear that Majirel 5.3 shall give you a light golden brown color, while Majirel 5.5 shall give you light mahogany brown color.