What is the Best Way to Shampoo?

Have you been using only one shampoo that is made just for your kind of hair? Well, while most people will answer positively to this query, there is a twist introduced by an expert. According to the creative director of Original & Mineral, Janelle Chaplin, it is better to use two shampoos, as she does the same for her own hair. 

According to her, the first shampoo should be such that it exfoliates the scalp and discard all that is old but not gold. It really means to dig in deep with all possible herbals and other suitable scalp-friendly ingredients. Choosing one such a shampoo not only stimulates the scalp but also makes one feel quite surprising for such scalp care. 

Then, the second shampoo should be such that it is treats your hair type well, which can be processed, thin, curly, thick, or fine. Lastly, you should use a conditioner for moisturizing your locks, especially from the middle toward the ends. There is no need to apply it on your roots. 

It is also advisable to use a brush for even distribution of not only the shampoos but also of the conditioner, during the shower. If your hair is shorter or fine, consider applying a quarter-size of both hair products.